Legends of the Dohyo – 2 – Ayagawa Gorōji

Ayagawa Gorōji

Ayagawa Gorōji

Personal Information

  • Birth Name – Ayagawa Gorōji
  • Date of Birth – Circa 1703
  • Place of Birth – Tochigi Prefecture, Japan
  • Date of Death – March 14th, 1765 (62 years)

Professional Information

  • Debut – N/A
  • Shikona – Ayagawa Gorōji
  • Heya – N/A
  • Height – 6’7″ / 2 m
  • Weight – 330 lb / 150 kg
  • Promoted to Yokozuna – Circa 1915
  • Retired – N/A
  • Career Record (Win/Loss) – N/A
  • Career Record (Yusho) – N/A

Ayagawa Gorōji came from the Tochigi prefecture and is recognized as the second yokozuna. In 1717, he received his promotion to ōzeki and, according to sumo folklore, he was the strongest rikishi in the Genbun era.

Despite being famous in Edo, Kyoto, and Osaka, precious little is known about Ayagawa’s career in sumo. It wasn’t even until 150 years after his death that he was recognized as a yokozuna by the twelth yokozuna Jinmaku Kyugoro.

This information was taken from Wikipedia and Sumo Database.

Ayagawa Gorōji


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