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Legends of the Dohyo – 1 – Akashi Shiganosuke

Akashi Shiganosuke

Akashi Shiganosuke – Yokozuna #1

Personal Information

  • Birth Name – Akashi Shiganosuke
  • Date of Birth – Circa 1600
  • Place of Birth – Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan
  • Date of Death – Circa 1649

Professional Information

  • Debut – 1624
  • Shikona – Akashi Shiganosuke
  • Heya – N/A
  • Height – 8’6″ / 2.58 m
  • Weight – 406 lbs / 184 kg
  • Promoted to Yokozuna – Circa 1900
  • Retired – 1643
  • Career Record (Win/Loss) – N/A
  • Career Record (Yusho) – N/A

Though formally recognized as the first yokozuna in sumo history, the actual existence of Akashi Shiganosuke is disputed. According to sumo folklore, Akashi first took part in a sumo tournament in 1924, in Yotsuya, Tokyo. He was such an instant star that sumo organizers were able to charge admission to the event for the first time ever.

By 1900, Akashi was such a legendary figure in sumo that when Jinmaku Kyugoro (the 12th yokozuna) began to compile a list of yokozuna, he put Akashi at the top of the list. Despite this honor, Tanikaze Kajinosuke (the 4th yokozuna) was the first rikishi to receive a yokozuna license and to perform the yokozuna dohyo-iri, so he is often regarded as the first “official” or “real” yokozuna.

This information was taken from Wikipedia and Sumo Database.

Akashi Shiganosuke